Wedding Marquee Hire Bentham Yorkshire

Wedding Marquee Hire Bentham Yorkshire

Wedding Marquee Hire Bentham Yorkshire Whatever the occasion, we’ll make sure its one to remember with our uniquely different range of beautiful marquees here at Premier Event Marquees. Wedding Marquee Hire Bentham Yorkshire.

Today’s wedding ceremonies have many trendy marquee choices which couples like. Getting an appealing Wedding Marquee Hire Bentham Yorkshire is simple when you know how to beautify it. For couples considering unique ideas to enhance their’s, here are some suggestions.

Florals and greenery

This idea shows the outdoor beauty with many flowers, which makes the bouquet appealing. You can look at the table centrepieces, buildings, chairs and other structures. However, you could also use florals for your ceiling if you can afford them. Greenery is also an excellent choice for themes for yours. You can ask for splendid ceiling centrepieces and exclusive table fabrics. 


When discussing ideas that will make your wedding look more extraordinary, you should consider your colours. Having a blend of Indian, Scottish and Moroccan colours is a good choice. When you use many colours, it makes your Wedding Marquee Hire Bentham Yorkshire more stylish. When considering table decorations, colours like rose, gerbera, carnations, and snapdragon come in handy.


Excellent marquees for hire come with awesome lighting because it brings life to the wedding ambience. If you are familiar with lightning used, you will know that festoon lighting appeals to many. This is because it is manipulated easily over the canopy to provide the desired effect. 

You should also add LED birdcage lanterns in designated positions around the dance floor for better results. This creates eye-catching backdrops for a clear wedding picture. Some wedding planners and interior decorators suggest mixing lighting for additional effect. 

Paper lanterns 

Couples who are on a tight budget can use this idea to appeal to their guests. However, you will have to think about how your colour blends and incorporate them into the paper lanterns. 

One can pick diverse shades and sizes to get the desired display. 

You can check several online services for suggestions on the best paper lanterns to use. 

Sashes, drapery and soft voile

When considering ethereal fabrics that will complement the colour of your marquee, these fabrics can do a good job. Their aesthetic features are great for people who want an attractive environment for their wedding. 

You can take out a drape over your Wedding Marquee Hire Bentham Yorkshire on the roof and the entrance. For this, choose fairy lighting for a grand final, which will hold many guests spellbound.


To enhance your wedding, marquee bunting is an excellent choice because it works well for natural wedding settings. You can mix any colour pattern to achieve a pleasant atmosphere. This idea also brings a fantastic vibe which shows good trendy taste. 


Chandeliers are ideas that create a great impression on guests. They came in several lamps and tiers and were used to improve lighting. Most decorators use this chandelier as a focal point for a marquee. This is to ensure it draws guests to the decor in a grand style. 

Weddings are one in a lifetime occasions; getting a good Wedding Marquee Hire Bentham Yorkshire for your event will go a long way to define your day.